The That’s Italia! “eXcellence(’s)” Awards

Through the X symbol in “eXcellence(’s)”, That’s Italia! Art rewards private initiatives that have become social and international success stories, yet whose excellence remains entirely Italian. These are the stories of people whose choices, often courageous and extremely challenging, have given much to Italy and to the world. The That’s Italia! “eXcellence(’s)” prize is supported by major institutions, such as the City of Rome, Roma Capitale and the Region of Lazio. Its prestige already at the first edition bears witness to the attention the press and television have afforded the event, under the patronage of Rome’s Università La Sapienza (Department of Communication and Social Research), and partnership of Rai Cinema. Extraordinary featured appearances by show business stars, people in various cultural sectors and Made in Italy business leaders at the awards ceremony, held on 16 November 2012 at the incomparable setting of the Terrazza degli Aranci at Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts.

This award aims to reward Italians who have succeeded in crossing our national boundaries in the following categories:

Cinema, Theater, Music / Technology / Social Commitment /
Architecture / the Environment / Television / Show
Business / Fashion / Culture / Fiction / Journalism:

Prize winners at the first edition 2012:

Dario Argento, Ornella Muti,

Bud Spencer and Gianmarco Tognazzi for Cinema
Franco Scaglia, Mariangela Melato for Theatre
Mario Morcellini for Culture
Franco Di Mare for Journalism
Phil Palmer and Olen Cesari for Music
Sergio Fabio Rotella for Architecture
Ivo Pulcini for Social Commitment
Giuliano Beretta for Technology
Giancarlo Magalli for Television
Milly Carlucci for Show Business
Kaspar Capparoni for Fiction Works
Maurizio Martena for the Environment
Sorelle Fendi for Fashion
Rino Barillari for Photography

(*The prize was created in Plexiglas from a prototype
exclusively designed by architects Claudia Sciamanna and
Silvia Simeoni).